Elisabeth Clay is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu athlete and submission grappler. She first made waves in the sport at the age of 16, when the (then) Alaska-based athlete conquered the 2017 ADCC West Coast Trials. At juvenile and throughout her colored belts, Elisabeth has won many notable IBJJF titles, including the Nogi World Championship at both purple and brown belt. Elisabeth is a black belt under Osvaldo Moizinho (Queixinho) and Samir Chantre of Ares BJJ Association. Since receiving her black belt, she has been on a tear, winning Nogi Pans, Subversiv’s 155-lb. belt, and Fight to Win’s welterweight belt. Elisabeth’s relentless style is characterized by an insatiable desire to finish her opponents. Her flexibility and strength support an inverted guard game that leads to leg entanglements and lower body submissions.