Dante Leon is an accomplished Brazilian jiu-jitsu and submission grappling athlete from Ontario, Canada. Dante’s been training jiu-jitsu since he was 12 years old. Through his purple belt, he trained under Gracie Humaitá/Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu, competing and winning many notable IBJJF Championships. He later relocated to Toledo, Ohio to train at GFT Toledo, where he received his black belt from Vitor Oliveira in 2017. Dante is a Black Belt Nogi World Champion, multiple-time Nogi Pans Champion, and an ADCC veteran. Dante’s hard-nosed style is characterized by aggressive wrestling, intricate guard play, and wrestling up from the bottom. He thrives in scrambles and is always looking for the finish. Off the mat, Dante is a beast in the gym. He follows a Westside Barbell-inspired conjugate method strength and conditioning program. He may be the strongest pound-for-pound elite grappler.